Terra Galleria Artworks Press Release: Exaltation of the Insignificants -- spring group show


Exaltation of the Insignificants
A Celebration of Life's Simple Blessings

March 7-April 30, 2009 Reception: Saturday, March 7, from 5-9pm

Preview: www.tgartworks.com/exaltation

Santa Monica, CA --Terra Galleria is pleased to present Exaltation of the Insignificants, a spring group exhibit that showcases the works of eight artists. From daily objects haphazardly floating on the subconscious canvas of Danae Anderson, to the haunting stands of abandoned chairs that had captivated Julia Pinkham's imagination; from the earthy yet ethereal (and sometimes quirky) portraitures of Noma and James Bliss to Dai Truong's abstraction of the resilient human spirit; from the energetic African rhythm that fuels Alan Tarbell's expression to the quiet gestures of people greeting one another in Salma Arastu's homeland; from the ancient cosmic vibration emanating from Michael Olson works to the spiritual infinity vibrantly projected from the soul's prism of Garik Karapetyan, together they remind us of the simple things in life, the ingredients of being that we often overlook or take for granted. At this time of expansive economic instability, there is little cause for celebration. Yet, it is prime time for us to take inventory of our lives, to focus on the insignificants that really make it all worthwhile.

The artists come together from different backgrounds, expressing their humanist concerns with their unique styles, cultural and religious flavors.

Alan Tarbell is a mixed media painter, installation artist and educator. He currently splits his time teaching and working between the San Francisco Bay Area and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. His works resonate with "a deep connection to the natural environment and our vital human relationships". Alan will perform a few pieces of African percussion to accompany his dynamic "Rhythm of Time" paintings during the reception.

Dai Truong is a Vietnamese artist currently living in Orange County. His art "reveres and appreciates the sacred spirit within us...I often freely play with the human form like a puzzle until it is barely recognizable as a figurative study to demonstrate the nobility and resilience of the human spirit". He often uses bold black lines and layers of color to create striking compositions.

Danae Anderson is an award winning artist and educator with a Scandinavian and Greek heritage. Indigenous, Outsider Art, Eastern art and culture have primarily influenced her work. Her works "reveal a visual narrative that documents and honors human experience". The paintings radiate a unique quality of sophisticated simplicity.

A Los Angeles resident from Armenia, Garik Karapetyan uses bold colors as the language for his soul: "I give freedom to a color and a shape so they can to develop as spiritual elements for plastic reproduction of an internal necessity". His works have been exhibited, reviewed and collected in Armenia, Russia, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, USA.

Julia Pinkham has been working full time as an artist since 1979. In addition to fine art, she has established a career in fabric design, jewelry design and book illustration. Julia's paintings of abandoned furniture "symbolize loss, the transient nature of life and the fleeting, sometimes fickle value we place on the objects we own and use -- and so often on people as well".

Another Los Angeles resident, Michael Scott Olson is a print-maker and painter from Texas. His work is an interesting mix of vibrant pastel colors and solemn undertones with strong psychic/cosmic energy. He uses art to illustrate the "Internal Light" that discern true values form facades.

Noma Bliss is a fine artist and illustrator from New york with Italian heritage. Her work is both visually and emotionally captivating, "[it] pays tribute to the unseen. It honors the energy that integrates people, animals, nature, the sky, the moon, the universe... constantly revolving, eternally embracing life and death". Also on display is a series of work that she collaborates with her husband, James Bliss, which adds a note of playfulness to the palette.

From India, Salma Arastu has traveled to the Middle East, Europe and the US, crossing cultural and religious borders. Folk art, miniature art and Arabic Calligraphy are three strong influences on Arastu's work: "I am creating a body of work through continuous lyrical line, to express joy in the universal spirit that unites humanity". Her works often suffused with tranquility, grace and joy.

Please join us to celebrate life's simple blessings at the artist reception on Saturday, March 7, 2009, from 5pm to 9pm with the energetic rhythm of African percussion performed by Alan Tarbell. Terra Galleria Artworks, 2525 Michigan Avenue T-1B, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11am-6pm.

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For information and photographs, contact: Lanchi Vo, (408) 223-8419, info@tgartworks.com