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Contact: Lanchi Vo, (408)-223-8419 or (408)-931-5304

September 6 - October 25
Reception: Saturday, September 6, 2008 5-8 PM

For the past 15 years, Quang Tuan Luong has traveled all over the US, treasure hunting. His quest is finally over with all 58 precious jewels stashed securely in his wooden box, ready to be showcased to the world. No, Luong is not a treasure hunter but a photographer with deep love and respect for our natural heritage. He has single-handedly documented all 58 US National Parks with his 5"x7" large format camera, a feat that no other photographer has accomplished, and for good reasons: Luong has kayaked through iceberg-laden waters, canoed down wild rivers, scuba dived tropical seas, climbed to the summit of Mt McKinley, and frequently trekked the trail-less terrain of the backcountry, while lugging his 75 lb backpack of photo gear and camping equipment. He once had to sacrifice his gear to escape a bear attack...

The National Park Project offers the new perspective of a world traveler who has fallen deeply in love with America the Beautiful. By capturing the distinguishing features of all national parks, Luong had become more perceptive to what make a particular place unique. Luong's commitment to highlight these national treasures is a silent but urgent call to conservation.

Luong, who grew up in France where he was trained as a scientist (PhD University of Paris), was an unlikely candidate to complete this monumental project. However, Luong's love for nature and adventure led him to become a mountain climber, wilderness guide, and world traveler. He initially planed to stay in America for only a few years, to explore in his spare time the vertical world of Yosemite. His discovery of the beauty and variety of the US National Parks led him to change his plans and make the US his new home, and eventually to become a full-time photographer. He is now living in San Jose, CA with his wife and two children.

For the first time, large format color landscape photographs from all US National Parks taken by Quang-Tuan Luong are displayed in an exhibit entitled "Treasured Lands-The Fifty Eight US National Parks in Focus". A much more extensive collection of his photographs of the Parks can be viewed online at http://www.terragalleria.com/parks.

For information and photographs: Lanchi Vo, (408)-223-8419 or (408)-931-5304