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  Movement and music vitally inflect the improvised choreography of the paintings. The relationship with the "canvas" is intense and instinctive, accessing and allowing marks that arise through the uncensored conscious. Chance associations arise from the immediacy/physicality of intuition and observation. The residue of these actions reveal a visual narrative that documents and honors human experience. A deep overlay of play, language, events, dreams, objects, the self, the ordinary, sense/nonsense, the seen/unseen, the ancestors and progeny, memory and daily experience is recorded.

In indigenous cultures, things done (the making of objects: art), and things happening (music and dance) are one. Action/process become the principal mode of thought. The artist is called to respond to things happening and so documents the imperatives of life.

Indigenous and Eastern art and culture and Outsider Art has influenced my work principally. Among Western artists who reflect this imperative of process I am compelled by; Jean Debuffet, Paul Klee, Jean Miro, Cy Twombly, Jackson Pollack, Jean -Michel Basqiat, Betty Goodwin, Susan Rothenberg, Antoni Tapies, Squeak Carnwath, Joseph Beuys, Joan Snyder and in dance, Merce Cunningham. Finally, it is my children who help me to see and keep the connection between art and life.

Pictures of Exaltation of the Insignificants
Exaltation of the Insignificants

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