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  My body of work reflects an introspective depth of soul evolvement and attunement to an unfolding inner life. I showcase human dramas and trials to ultimately illustrate the process of spiritual transformation from inner hurts, tribulations, conflicts, to understanding, acceptance and love. My art reveres and appreciates the sacred spirit within us. I often freely play with the human form like a puzzle until it is barely recognizable as a figurative study to demonstrate the nobility and resilience of the human spirit. I juxtapose classical anatomy with abstraction to enhance the many levels of meaning I wish to express, bringing into completion the overlap of separate images like oil and water...I see my art as a collective process rather than individual pieces since I often work on a series of several paintings at a time.

Pictures of The Unknown Citizen
The Unknown Citizen
Pictures of Selected Works
Selected Works
Pictures of Exaltation of the Insignificants
Exaltation of the Insignificants

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Dai Truong

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