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  Art is a tribute to the force, the energy, that dynamic active power that unites us all as human beings, as families, as friends, as acquaintances, as races. Art pays tribute to the unseen. It honors the energy that integrates people, animals, nature, the sky, the moon, the universe. Art lets the viewer become aware of the unseen circulating current, which is forever moving, constantly revolving, eternally embracing life and death. Since this force touches all of us, all viewing my art, become part of that art. For what allows me to create, allows viewers to come and be a part of what I have created. With the same current, people come together to appreciate each other, and also to enrich our lives through the visual words that my work speaks.

My art is expressive. I work very small to very, very large. The paintings are generally figurative, simplistic in design, but generate a powerful message of dignity, integrity and a dedication to the spirit. Working as an artist for over twenty years has deeply enriched my life like no other human experience. Art and existence are equally an element of my very being. Though I consider myself a self-taught artist, I feel that my future was predicted long before I came into this universe, due to the fact that I came from parents that were both creative in their unique individual way.

There exists in all of us the ability to make know who we are. Seldom does one have the strength to disentangle the puzzle of the frightening reality of our identity. Through art, I explore not only my silent thoughts, but the concealed perception of others, which ignites in me the capacity to execute prolific works of art. Art exposes honesty and truth.

Pictures of Exaltation of the Insignificants
Exaltation of the Insignificants

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