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Garik Karapetyan

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  I feel very close to art's free process. It's an act in which I spontaneously give to canvas a primeval sensuality coming from spiritual infinity. I create my pictures without preliminary thoughts. However when I start acting, I have a specific direction, which develops subconsciously. I try to create a spiritual reality on a surface.

It's impotant for me to liberate sensuality from memory images inevitably coming with each attempt to project subconsciously originated conceptions. I give freedom to a color and a shape so they be able to develop as spiritual elements for plastic reproduction of "an internal necessity", becoming inexpressible intuition, an uexplainable content, and feelings proceeding from essence, to be more exact, becoming a thing that expresses a soul's nature.

I set free my actions from direct dependence of nature's and art's conventionality. There's another image not associated with a picture-sensual, which probably comes from deeper subconscious layers, without spontaneously perceived associations of external world.

It is necessary for an artist to concentrate not only eyes but also to focus in his/her soul and be able to put external impressions and perceptions through a soul's prism in order to involve the soul as a decisive force while creating works of art.

A picture has its own life. I try to reveal it. Each spectator creates his/her individual connection with a picture's energy.

Art cannot save a human being. However, it's possible to create a dialog by means of art. That dialog will give a human being an opportunity to express himself/herself and become as close to high spiritual values as possible.

Pictures of Exaltation of the Insignificants
Exaltation of the Insignificants

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